Recommended books for IIT JEE preparation

1. HCV- good 4 jee i guess… i got bored of that book nd never read it/ solved its problms after mechanics (to b completely honest.. i did have 2 solve d optics problems 4 practice)
2. Resnick-Halliday- again a good buk 4 jee… esp the 2 vol edn.. i didnt read it either aftr mech
3. Young, Sears nd Zemansky- Univ Physics- one more famous buk i didnt use
4. Irodov-a. Mechanics b. electromagnetism- finally buks dat i did use.. very small but honest nd useful buks.. d xamples r also pretty useful
5. Feynman Lectures on Physics 1&2- accrdng 2 me d GODBOOKS of physics.. i owe 2 it almost all my physical intuition nd understanding..nd hence d medal nd air ..1 heck of a cool book… highly recommended for d curious nd interested who r not satisfied by the bullshit dat commonly floats arnd
6. Problem books
*Common ones
–> Irodov- yes, its still as relevant as it ever was.. it helps develop analytical skills
–> Krotov- good problem collxn
–> Bukhotsev- good problm collxn esp in d optics nd td chapters
*Not-so-common ones
–> P Gnadig- 200 puzzling problms in physics (CUP)- a beatiful collxn of interesting problems
–> Physics Olympiad Problems (MTG)
–> Also google out fermi problems on d net.. they r interesting

Use of study-material (fiitjee/brilliant/watever) 4 studying physics is not advisable (most of their problems r taken from irodov anyways)

1. Orgo
–> Morrison nd Boyd- GODBOOK
–> Paula Bruice- goodbook
–> Solomons-  godbook++(M nd B modified nd made up to current trends)
–> P Sykes- coolbook..small nd handy
–> Finar- borebook…long nd nasty.. how can ne1 read this stuff.. i cd ne’r figure out.. i put it bcoz every othr person usually rcmmnds
–> Finar- problem book… quite unlike d textbooks.. it is pretty much useful nd comprehensible.. must used wid discretion.. it contain 2 many things not covered by jee
–>Atkins- advanced modern book… really modern.. really advanced…

2. Inorganic
–> Atkinson (or was it Wilkinson dont remember)- book if u want to bcom GOD of inorganic.. which wd probably not b d case
–> Greenwood- i m putting it only because i used it 4 revision.. not needed at all
–> Vogel- Qualitative Analysis
–> Atkins-again since it is Atkins it has 2 be an advanced modern book.. really modern.. really advanced.. nd really interesting 4 a change

3. Physical
–> NCERT!!
–> O P Tandon !!??
–> Disha – Shishir Mittal !!??!!
–> P Bahadur !!??!!??
–> Atkins-advanced modern book… really modern.. really advanced…really unnecessary.. its tought 2 2nd n 3rd yr undergrads !!??!!??!!
(God Help ME.. i dont know a single reliable buk 4 physical chem at jee level.. VKJ and NA came up with a book on Physical + Inorganic..
I haven’t seen it.. but since I have learnt from them, I can say that the book should be good)

Use of study materials 4 problm soving nd revsn recommended


1. algebra
–> Hall nd Knight
–> Bertnard nd Child

2. trigo
–> Loney

3. coordinate
–> Loney

4. calculus
–> thomas finney
–> Shanti Narayan
–> GN Berman
–> Das Mukerjee
–> I A Maron
–> DasGupta
–> TMH
–> ML Khanna

( Pardon me for using chat slang, I simply copied this list from a chat I had with one junior.)


About shitikanth

I am a fourth year undergraduate student of Computer Science at IIT Kanpur. I love doing mathematics, and science. I also do a bit of coding in my free time.

16 responses to “Recommended books for IIT JEE preparation”

  1. Shish says :

    I don’t think theoretically JEE needs anything not contained in HCV or Resnick/Halliday (1967). Rest is just problems.

    And man, how can you rate Solomon over MB?? That’s sacrilege! You could say Clayden Greeves Warren Warthous is more modern than Morrison Boyd, but even then I would say Morrison Boyd is closer to actual chemical practice in some respects. MB, particularly the 5th edition, is simply the best in what it covers, Solomon can’t match up to that level of clarity and insight.

    In inorganic, Cotton Wilkinson is more of an encyclopedia than a textbook, something like Jerry March. An advanced textbook would be something like Huheey (from which the inorganic notes in CHM201 were copied), but that contains too little main group reaction chemistry and too much coordination chemistry to be useful for JEE. The oversimplified JD Lee is the only thing I guess. In any case the JEE level inorganic curriculum is rather screwed up, nothing we learn is actually true.

    In Physical I totally agree with you, not one damn book at JEE level except NCERT. Somebody needs to write something in that niche.

    • Mohit Malhotra says :

      I personally feel Shitikanth has missed Schaum’s Outline Series . These are really fantastic books ranging from pre engineering level to post doctrate level . Infact they contributed a lot in making me sit in the classroom of an IIT .

      And for Cordinate Geometry , I dont find the books by Dr. Gorakh Prasad and another by Dr. Ram Ballabh ( his student )inferior to any good book .I really recommend the JEE aspirants to go over these .


    • Pratik Yadav says :

      university chemistry by bruce c mahan is also a good one for physical chemistry

  2. bikram says :

    Richard Feynman lecture series

  3. Surbhi says :

    Did you attend coaching classes to prepare for IIT-JEE? If yes, which one? What are your thoughts on new online services such as Coach Pal ( ?

  4. Mohit kumar says :

    nice yar

  5. freeiitjeecoaching says :

    And man, however are you able to rate king over MB?? That’s sacrilege! you’ll say Clayden Greeves Warren Warthous is additional fashionable than Morrison Boyd, however even then i might say Morrison Boyd is nearer to actual chemical follow in some respects. MB, notably the fifth edition, is just the simplest in what it covers, king can’t match up to it level of clarity and insight.

  6. musicalsymphonyfly says :

    Thanks for the share. You can find latest notes and materials from IITIans pace Institutes website as well. Check this website for more information on JEE

  7. kowshik says :

    how did you use all that books

  8. Rekha singh says :

    Shitikanth air,
    Please let me know about a sort of off table thing, like when do you think should one start on these books like irodov, Atkins, hall and knight etc etc ? Like should I, just complete the topics on ncert and conceptual level and then move on to these or, your opinions?

  9. vibhor kashyap says :

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    for Students.

  10. Vaibhav says :

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