Google books fullscreen preview

I use Google books often, and found the lack of ability to preview books in full screen annoying enough to write a script about it. It will perhaps be useful to other people too, so I have uploaded it here. You will need to install Greasemonkey. Greasemonkey is also available for Chrome, but I have not tested my script on Chrome (although there is no reason it should not work).

Click image for a screenshot-

Feedback and bug reports invited.

Update: I have found a trick that works even better with some books. Add “&output=reader” in the address bar right after the id of the book and you will be taken to the Google play preview of the book and you get an ebook-reader kind of experience. This only works for books that have been added to Google play though.


About shitikanth

I am a fourth year undergraduate student of Computer Science at IIT Kanpur. I love doing mathematics, and science. I also do a bit of coding in my free time.

4 responses to “Google books fullscreen preview”

  1. Mohit Malhotra says :

    Shitikanth , I am also a die hard follower of Google books . I have downloaded a software ” Google Books Downloader ” for free from the net . Its like any ordinary downloader , just paste the url and press start and within fraction of mins the entire google book in full view is entirely yours 🙂

    Hope you find it useful .

  2. Hati Baja says :

    You are rock Shitikant! I frequently found difficulty in reading google book in full view and google has brought me to which lead me to your website. Anyway, Thank you so much.

  3. Pradeep Saini says :

    hey shitikanth! you were the jee topper of 2008,found your blog today so i am congratulating now 🙂


  4. harshit says :

    i wanted a few tips on time management and preparation for maths.i am a student of class 11

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